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Security clearance vs. suitability - what is the difference?

For jobs within the U.S. government or as contractors in the Virginia area, it is often required that the applicant take part in a background check and have a security clearance before starting work. While this can seem to be an inconvenience, the nation's safety and security is a key factor and should not be ignored. A question that is often asked, however, is what the difference is between a security clearance and suitability investigation. As with any government job, any issue minor or major can derail it. This is especially true with security clearances and factors connected to it.

Understanding security clearance and an interim determination

To work at certain sensitive jobs in the Virginia area - frequently related to government activities - it is often necessary to get security clearance. This can be a worrisome time for a person who is hoping to land a job. Many might not think they have anything to worry about as they are certain there are no lingering issues from their past that will hinder getting through the process. However, there are instances where there is a holdup or an outright denial of a security clearance.

Experienced attorneys can help with security clearance issues

The mention of the words "security clearance" might elicit images of people who are conducting clandestine work for the United States government and putting their lives on the line in adventurous situations. While that might be true in rare cases, security clearance issues are often a concern of workaday people who are seeking a job with the government as contractors, part of the armed forces and those working as civil servants. Failure to get security clearance can happen for many reasons and many can be dealt with by having legal help.

Why was I denied a security clearance and what can I do?

For many jobs with the U.S. government, it is necessary to get a security clearance. This is true if it is a person who is seeking a job working directly for the government or a person who is a contractor and will only be employed in that context. The security clearance is a protective device so the government knows who it has working for them and that they can feel safe with him or her being exposed to material that could be considered sensitive.

Security clearance, background checks and periodic investigations

Since Virginia is one of the hubs for military activity, there are many people who live in the state or are relocating for a potential job and are concerned about security clearance issues. Security clearance is needed for a significant portion of these jobs whether it is a person who is taking a government job, a member of the U.S. Armed Forces, or a contractor. Understanding key points about the security clearance include being prepared for the background investigation, knowing when an interim security clearance can be given, and when periodic re-investigations will take place.

Common military security clearance issues

Military members applying for security clearance can help expedite the matter by consulting with an experienced who can make sure an application package is complete and accurate prior to submission. Doing so can help avoid application rejection and unnecessary delays in processing.

Alcoholism among military members can affect security clearance

Heavy alcohol use has been cited as a prevalent issue among U.S. military members for a number of years, during both active duty deployment and post combat periods. Much of the problem is attributed to psychological components of deployment and combat experiences, as well as post-traumatic stress upon return to home base. Members who are having difficulty coping may turn to alcohol as a form of self-medication.

The importance of a security clearance

The ability of a service member to earn a living may depend on their ability to obtain a security clearance which is why understand the security clearance process is so important. Additionally, independent contractors and some civil employees may also rely on a security clearance to obtain and maintain their employment which is why it is beneficial to be familiar with the ins and outs of the security clearance process.

The basics of how the security clearance process works

Because a job may depend on a security clearance, it is important to understand the security clearance process and the guidelines for obtaining a security clearance. Familiarity with he process and guidelines can help those seeking a security clearance better troubleshoot challenges that may arise.

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