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Child custody issues often complicated for military parents

As a resident of Virginia who serves in one of the nation's armed forces, you understand what it's like to make personal sacrifices for the sake of the nation. As a military service member who also happens to be a parent, you know that personal sacrifice and parenting often go hand in hand. In many ways, family life as a member of the U.S. military is not that much different from family life as a civilian.

Is your spouse keeping secrets in divorce?

You may find navigating a high asset divorce extremely challenging. Most Virginia residents who have been through similar processes would likely agree. A key factor toward achieving a fair and agreeable settlement, however, can be a willingness from both spouses to cooperate and compromise, and also to have full disclosure when it comes to finances and assets. Virginia, like most other states, follows equitable property division laws. So the focus is on a fair division, which isn't necessarily 50/50.

Customize a family care plan for post-divorce peace of mind

As a parent in Virginia who also serves as a member of the U.S. military, you are undoubtedly no stranger to challenge and sacrifice. If you are one of many military service men or women who are currently preparing to navigate the divorce process, your greatest concerns likely include child custody issues as well as the care of your children if your military duties take you overseas. You may already be familiar with a family care plan, which the military strongly encourages all service members who are parents to possess.

Alcohol abuse, dependence may impact military security clearance

Consuming alcohol is an activity that many individuals participate in, especially as a social activity. Though most people have the ability to pace themselves and keep their alcohol consumption under control, other parties may have a more difficult time, especially when it comes to knowing when to stop or allowing themselves to end up in a harmful position due to their drinking.

Are possible hidden assets a divorce concern of yours?

As you prepare to leave your married life behind and set goals for a new, single lifestyle, there are many decisions to make and issues to discuss with your spouse before entering divorce proceedings. Especially where your children are concerned and other important matters, such as property division and your future financial status, it is often best to try to work out as much as you can ahead of time so you merely need to seek the court's approval rather than hash it all out in court.

Uncle Sam cares about DUI

While considering enlisting in the U.S. military in Virginia, you are likely aware that you will make many personal sacrifices and place yourself at risk on more than one occasion in your effort to uphold the Constitution and protect and defend the citizens of the United States. The profession is one to which most citizens give honor and gratitude for its members' services. If DUI winds up on your criminal record, it may greatly impede your eligibility status to join the military.

Regulations for parents who become single during military service

Federal law prohibits you from enlisting in the U.S. military if you are a single parent who has custody of your child/children. It is a non-waiver condition; however, if you were part of a dual-parent family when you enlisted but have since become a single parent, the military will not likely ask you to resign your service, although you'd have to make sure you have implemented a parenting plan. The purpose of the parenting plan is to provide for your children if you deploy.

Will my service in the military affect my ability to get custody?

There is a lot about military life that is tough on a couple. Numerous service member spouses choose to call it quits because they cannot take the stress anymore. While there are a number of issues present in military divorces, for those with children figuring out child custody is one of the biggest challenges. How do you split custody when you know the nature of your job will take you away from home more often than you would like?

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