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Some of our readers from Virginia and the Washington, D.C. area may find themselves living and working in a foreign country, usually as assigned by their employers. While this can be an exciting opportunity for most people, it can also come with its fair share of potential headaches. For those with minor children who are part of a child custody order, any dispute over the order can easily get messy.

Why? Well, it can often be challenging to determine what law, precisely, governs the child custody dispute in question. You may have had all of your initial family law court hearings in America. Still, if you are in a different country than your children, that may change things if a request for a modification is needed, for example. International child custody disputes can be troublesome for civilian and military personnel alike.

While many people can have amicable relationships with the other parent of their children, the fact is that this certainly isn’t always commonplace. If you are moved to another country for your employment or military assignment, the other parent may see that as a prime opportunity to assert a different stance in court regarding child custody and visitation. How will you defend yourself in such an action if you are overseas?

At our law firm, we work with our clients to consider all possible options in an international child custody dispute. Sometimes, we need to get creative to find a workable solution. For more information about how we work with Virginia and Washington, D.C. area residents, please visit the international child custody dispute section of our law firm’s website.