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Members of the military may be stationed all over the world at various times throughout their careers. This means that they may experience cultures across the globe, but they may meet people all over the world. Sometimes people also form relationships if they are stationed in certain areas for an extended time. Some eventually find their spouses or significant others in other countries.

Some of these people will also have children together and may, at some point in time, settle back in the United States. However, like any other relationship or marriage, sometimes these relationships end and people need to deal with divorces and/or child custody matters as a result. However, as the two parents are originally from different countries, it can create complications that couples who are both from the US do not need to consider. The main issue is if one parent wants to or needs to move back to their home country.

In some instances, after the relationship ends parents may not just move to another country, but they may take the children or not return after a visit. In these situations, the parent in the US may need to rely on the Hauge Abduction Convention.

Countries that are party to this convention will work together to return children to their homes if a parent’s custodial rights have been violated. The other countries will commit resources to find the children and safely returning them to the custodial parent. When going through this process, it is important to have custody orders or other documentation indicating the parent’s custody rights.

Military members in Virginia meet people in other countries and may end up starting relations and having children with people they meet. If they all return to the U.S., it is important to have certain custody rights established in case the other parent ends up returning to their country and want to keep the children. People who find themselves in this unfortunate situation could use the Hague Convention to have their children returned. This can be a very complicated area of law as it involves international law and consulting with experienced attorneys could be beneficial.