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Divorce is tough on anyone. For service members, the pain can double. Serving in the military requires a laser-like focus and unwavering physical and mental energy. No matter how rewarding you find your service, it can feel like too much when divorce enters the picture.

Juggling military life with divorce proceedings requires focus and fortitude. If you find yourself struggling during the process, know that the military offers services to help its members. You can also keep these tips in mind for your peace of mind.

Take care of your physical health

Daily exercise will only do so much if you are engaging in unhealthy habits during your divorce. Your stress might cause you to overeat or abandon any exercise outside of your regiment. If you find your discipline slipping, the military offers coaches who can help you realign your diet and fitness regimens.

Take care of your mental health

The emotional effects of divorce can expend great mental energy. You might consider meeting with a counselor as a sign of weakness. But talking about the emotional challenges you’re enduring can require strength. Each military branch has chaplains and mental health officials trained to understand the stresses of military life. Working with one could end up being an outlet for relief.

Take care of your financial health

Military divorces come with a unique set of financial complexities. Because you likely live on military property or will receive a military pension, you may wonder if your spouse has rights to these in your split. And since the military falls under the federal government’s jurisdiction, service members can face both state and federal divorce regulations. Working with an attorney with experience in military law can help you understand the complexities of asset division. And they can also help you start on a path toward lasting financial freedom.

Your divorce may drain you of your usual energy and focus. But there are ways that you can keep it from interfering with your service. By taking care of your physical, mental and financial health, you can keep taking care of your country.