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To work at certain sensitive jobs in the Virginia area – frequently related to government activities – it is often necessary to get security clearance. This can be a worrisome time for a person who is hoping to land a job. Many might not think they have anything to worry about as they are certain there are no lingering issues from their past that will hinder getting through the process. However, there are instances where there is a holdup or an outright denial of a security clearance.

For those who are needed to start work before the security clearance is completed in full, an interim determination is possible. Understanding the details of this is important and to deal with any problems related to it, having legal help is a good step. The interim determination can let a person applying for a job that requires security clearance to start working before the background check is complete and prior to the Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) making a final decision.

The interim determination will be approved in circumstances that are considered “exceptional.” DSS might approve of the interim determination if various investigations come back with no red flags and are generally favorable. The security package might also have been completed. For those who have had their interim determination denied, it could mean nothing more than there needs to be more investigative work done before the final decision is made. It does not necessarily mean that the person’s determination will be denied after the full investigation is done, but they cannot begin work prior to its completion.

For people who are facing clearance issues whether it is during the attempt to get an interim determination or after the entire process is completed, it could be due to a mistake, a misunderstanding or inaccuracies. For contractors, civil servants, military members and aspiring government workers, the security clearance is imperative. Having legal help to get through the process is beneficial and calling a law firm with experience in these matters can help with the case.