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Lieutenant faces military law violation for recording colleagues

Members of the Armed Forces can be arrested and charged with illegal activity and be prosecuted based on military law. With so many members of the military in and around Virginia, those who are facing charges for any violation must understand the consequences such as court martial and dishonorable discharge. This can negatively affect their entire life long after they have left the military. Having a strong legal defense is crucial to try and avoid the worst possible penalties.

A Navy lieutenant who works in cyber warfare was charged with recording other members of the Navy without their knowledge or consent. This allegedly went on for years. According to the charges, the lieutenant committed these acts in several different locations where he was stationed. He had worked in the growing cyber division of the military.

He allegedly recorded a senior chief in his private area without the senior chief knowing about it. He is also alleged to have recorded a female member of the Navy. These incidents have been happening since 2013. Along with these charges, he faces charges for conduct unbecoming of an officer for his acts. It is not known how many other sailors he might have recorded. The trial is set for the summer. He has been in the Navy since 2000 and was commissioned in 2013. He began his cyber warfare work in 2014.

Obviously, there is no viable excuse for anyone recording other service members without their knowledge. However, simply because there were allegations that a military member has committed these acts does not necessary make them true. Regardless, it is imperative that a service member who is accused of violations of military law have a qualified attorney from a law firm that understands how to avoid a dishonorable discharge and other penalties stemming from military law violations.

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