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June 2019 Archives

Understanding security clearance and an interim determination

To work at certain sensitive jobs in the Virginia area - frequently related to government activities - it is often necessary to get security clearance. This can be a worrisome time for a person who is hoping to land a job. Many might not think they have anything to worry about as they are certain there are no lingering issues from their past that will hinder getting through the process. However, there are instances where there is a holdup or an outright denial of a security clearance.

Research examines demographic statistics of military law trials

Being a member of the U.S. armed forces is a difficult but worthwhile endeavor. For Virginians who take this step, it can be quite rewarding in many ways. However, when there are allegations of wrongdoing, it is deemed a violation of military law and there is an arrest, it is important to understand various aspects of how a military trial is conducted and to have a strong defense with an attorney experienced in these cases. Since a court martial can result in a dishonorable discharge and innumerable problems, knowing statistical realities with this process can be important to a case.

Military divorce and key dates of the 20-20-15 rule

Members and former members of the military who are stationed in Virginia or live there after their service has ended could face the prospect of a divorce. Along with the general complications of such a situation, it can be difficult for the non-military spouse to prepare for the future not knowing how their medical coverage and other military privileges will be addressed once the process is completed. There are certain scenarios that dictate how the non-military former spouse will be granted privileges and for how long. Understanding what the rules are for TRICARE medical coverage is important.

Military couples divorce less, unless the servicemember is female

Like many other military couples, you and your spouse likely shared certain goals and dreams when you agreed that one of you would serve in the armed forces and the other would keep the home fires burning. Perhaps things were going along as planned and you even expanded your family when you had several children. As years passed and one or more deployments occurred, things may have gotten a bit stressful at times. Studies show that some married couples in the military are at risk for divorce.

Experienced attorneys can help with security clearance issues

The mention of the words "security clearance" might elicit images of people who are conducting clandestine work for the United States government and putting their lives on the line in adventurous situations. While that might be true in rare cases, security clearance issues are often a concern of workaday people who are seeking a job with the government as contractors, part of the armed forces and those working as civil servants. Failure to get security clearance can happen for many reasons and many can be dealt with by having legal help.

Statistics show decline in military divorce

The military life is never easy. With deployments, frequent travel and the possibility of long separations, it is no surprise that service members in Virginia and across the nation will often face the prospect of a military divorce. There are inherent concerns with a military divorce including a non-military spouse maintaining health coverage, child support, visitation and much more. For couples who are considering a military divorce, it is important to understand these issues and how to navigate them with help from a law firm experienced in military law.

Lieutenant faces military law violation for recording colleagues

Members of the Armed Forces can be arrested and charged with illegal activity and be prosecuted based on military law. With so many members of the military in and around Virginia, those who are facing charges for any violation must understand the consequences such as court martial and dishonorable discharge. This can negatively affect their entire life long after they have left the military. Having a strong legal defense is crucial to try and avoid the worst possible penalties.

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