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There are many members of the military stationed in Virginia and it is important that they understand that the difficult nature of a life of service in the U.S. Armed Forces often strains a marriage to its breaking point. While many people are happily married with one or both spouses being members of the military, there are still couples who cannot maintain a marriage and must get a military divorce. A military divorce differs from a civilian divorce in that there are military benefits, military pensions, child custody and visitation and other issues that come to the forefront in unique circumstances. Having legal assistance from a law firm that understands the military can be vital to a case.

Statistics for military divorce rates were recently released and show that the number of military divorces has been steady for four consecutive years. The latest numbers are from 2017. They indicate that males and females maintained a similar rate of divorce as they had in the three previous years with it landing between 3 and 3.1 percent of marriages ending. In fiscal year 2017, there were 689,060 married people in the military. 21,290 got a divorce. It was slightly more in 2016 with 707,230 married couples and 22,500 divorces.

When the statistics are accrued, the number of service members who are married is compared to the number who report they have divorced in the fiscal year. An important factor in these divorces is gender-related. The number of female members of the military who divorce is greater than males. In the Army, it is 275 percent higher. Notably, it is difficult for females in the U.S. Marine Corps to maintain a marriage. Their divorce rate is 7.1 percent and has stayed stagnant since 2012.

The military life can be difficult for families and in many instances, a divorce is necessary. When there is a decision to end a marriage, it is wise to understand the laws that govern a military divorce and how such issues as medical coverage, pensions and other military benefits will be addressed. A law firm that has former members of the military and is well-versed in military divorce should be consulted with when moving forward with a case to end a marriage.