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April 2019 Archives

Why was I denied a security clearance and what can I do?

For many jobs with the U.S. government, it is necessary to get a security clearance. This is true if it is a person who is seeking a job working directly for the government or a person who is a contractor and will only be employed in that context. The security clearance is a protective device so the government knows who it has working for them and that they can feel safe with him or her being exposed to material that could be considered sensitive.

Military divorce statistics show no increase or decrease

There are many members of the military stationed in Virginia and it is important that they understand that the difficult nature of a life of service in the U.S. Armed Forces often strains a marriage to its breaking point. While many people are happily married with one or both spouses being members of the military, there are still couples who cannot maintain a marriage and must get a military divorce. A military divorce differs from a civilian divorce in that there are military benefits, military pensions, child custody and visitation and other issues that come to the forefront in unique circumstances. Having legal assistance from a law firm that understands the military can be vital to a case.

Man accused of military law violation for sexual assault

Virginia has many people in the military who reside in the Commonwealth and there are times when there are accusations of military law violations lodged against them. It is important to understand that the military has its own courts to deal with those who are either members of the military or are students at a service academy. Having legal representation that does not understand how the military justice system works can lead to mistakes in the process. For those faced with charges and the potential penalties for military law violations, it is imperative to be represented by a law firm that is experienced in military cases.

Incorporating your family care plan into your child custody plan

If you are member of the U.S. military, you likely have a family care plan. If you haven't executed such documents yet, you'll want to be aware that the family care plan is a key factor in providing for your children and family while you fulfill deployment obligations overseas. Perhaps you are one of many military service members who are preparing for divorce. As such, you may want to incorporate your family care plan as part of your co-parenting agreement.

What protections does USFSPA provide in a military divorce?

The military life can be difficult for a family and, in some cases, a military divorce is unavoidable. Since there are so many people who are members of the military in Virginia or have retired from military service and settled in the Commonwealth, it is important to understand the various laws that are in place to protect both the service member and a non-military spouse if there is a divorce. The Uniformed Services Former Spouses' Protection Act is an important factor to understand in these cases.

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