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There are many service members, prospective service members and former service members in Virginia. For these individuals, the realities of military law sometimes intersect with civilian law. At other times, they diverge completely. It is important for members of the military, former members of the military and those attending service academies to understand how a military law violation can impact them in the present and future. A dishonorable discharge after a court martial can harm them in a myriad of ways. Regardless of the charges, it is essential to have legal assistance to combat the allegations. This is especially true when it is a young person who is in a military academy.

A second-year student in the Air Force Academy is charged with sexual assault and child pornography. The student, a Cadet 3rd Class, is alleged to have committed rape of a 17-year-old girl nearly one year ago. He is also accused of videoing her taking part in sexual activities several times two years ago. There was an order that stated he could not have contact with her and he violated it multiple times. There will be an Article 32 hearing which is like a grand jury hearing the evidence. It will be decided whether the case should continue or the charges dismissed. If it moves forward, a conviction could result in several penalties including a court martial and expulsion.

Being a member of the Armed Forces is a benefit not just to the country, but to the individual when they are serving and have completed their service. Particularly, this is true for those who are in or have attended the military academies in preparation for their service. When there are legal issues that place that schooling and service in jeopardy, it can not only hinder the student and service member in the short-term, but in the long-term as well. A court martial and expulsion will be a black mark on a person’s record and can damage them as they seek jobs and try to be accepted to schools outside the military. The legal charges are difficult and the penalties go beyond legal punishment. It is imperative to have a strong legal defense when facing charges.

A cadet at the Air Force Academy is dealing with serious charges related to sex offenses. An indictment in an Article 32 hearing and a conviction can be problematic in multiple aspects of his life. He and anyone else who is facing charges and could be court martialed and subject to discharge must have a legal defense from lawyers who understand military law. Calling for advice and guidance is critical to a case.