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Since Virginia has so many members of the U.S. military living in the state, family law concerns are common. Combining the chance of a military divorce with the sudden need for deployments can lead to a complex and difficult situation between the parents. There is often a rush to complete family law orders based on the urgency of a pending deployment. Parents will often want to know what happens if there is not an order already in place and if there can be an expedited hearing due to deployment. The law does allow for this to take place.

When a parent is deploying and there has yet to be a child custody, visitation or support order while a couple is getting a divorce and there is a petition to establish the parameters for these issues, the deploying parent must inform the court that he or she is set to be deployed. This is to ensure that access to the child for the deploying parent is available and there are other orders in place to make sure that the relationship between parent and child is maintained.

The case will be expedited on the court’s docket. When a deploying parent cannot appear due to the deployment that has already taken place, the court can take a motion from that parent and conduct the hearing either by telephone, via audio or using a video system so witnesses and any party involved in the case can appear. There must be good cause for this to take place.

There are unique aspects to a military family law case. The participants who understand the military life and are aware of its challenges when they are married should also consider the complications when there is a military divorce, a parental relocation due to deployments, and other factors. A law firm that specializes in military matters can help with these issues, especially the worrisome time when a parent is deploying and a child custody case has not yet been settled. A law firm that helps clients with all aspects of a military divorce must be called for advice and representation immediately.