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Military members applying for security clearance can help expedite the matter by consulting with an experienced who can make sure an application package is complete and accurate prior to submission. Doing so can help avoid application rejection and unnecessary delays in processing.

Most security clearances, up to 96 percent according to, are rejected for the same common 20 issues. They include a plethora of missing information, incomplete explanations, missing fingerprint cards, and failure to provide required releases and certifications, just to name a few. Any security clearance applicant will need to have on hand a minimum of 10 years of information including employment, residential, credit, education, and criminal histories. He or she will also need to know certain information regarding relatives.

The security clearance application process is complex and time consuming. A person may easily become overwhelmed with attempting to navigate it on their own. An attorney who is familiar with the process, and especially one who has been through it himself, can be an invaluable asset, saving both time and sanity. For those going through difficult situations such as this, having experienced guidance can be very helpful.

This is why Glassman & Michael are a top notch choice to assist in your needs. With a staff largely composed of ex-military members, we know the process. We know how to give highly detailed, satisfactory answers that will move an application along rather than cause delay. In addition, we are experienced in compiling your total package, including missing documents and information that you aren’t quite sure how to obtain.