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After a military member has been convicted in a court-martial trial, they have a post-trial opportunity to submit a request for clemency to the Convening Authority. That Convening Authority is then tasked with fully agreeing and approving a court-martial decision, making a different decision, or granting some form of relief. However, a conviction may only remain the same, or be reduced in some way. It may never be made worse.

A military member is entitled to retain legal representation in all court matters, including clemency applications and appeals. Due to the nature of these proceedings and their differences from state court matters, it is highly advisable to seek out an experienced attorney well-versed in military law. That is where PGD Law PLLC excels.

With a staff comprised almost completely of former military members, experts, and judges, representation for any military member by our firm is second to none. We aggressively defend our soldiers and seek out resolutions to all matters. It is our goal to ensure that you are treated fairly and justly, with as minimal disruption to your civilian life as possible.

Military members who have received a court-martial conviction of any kind can benefit from consulting with an attorney at Glassman & Michael, PLLC. Do not hesitate to protect your own rights. Court-martial convictions can potentially devastate your affairs going forward, with often long-reaching effects legally, professionally, personally, and relationally. You deserve an attorney who cares just as much about preserving your military career as you do.