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Military service members could see a rise in security clearance issues regarding their finances under recently issued new guidelines.

An article posted by Military Times states that, historically, members working in national security could expect a financial and criminal record review every five to 10 years. Their type and level of clearance determined the time frames. However, under new guidelines, a continuous monitoring system will be implemented. This means that members who experience financial issues will likely be required to remedy them immediately, whereas, under previous review periods, they would have had time to remedy those situations prior to their next review.

Such issues could impact security levels significantly, deeming some members non-deployable due to security clearance restrictions, suspensions, or revocations. This could greatly impact a military career and future. Even if an appeal is filed, it will fall into a mass backlog of cases and could require a lengthy wait time for resolution. In 2017 alone, there were over 2,000 security clearance related appeals. There are a total of 13 guidelines regarding security clearances, and over 50 percent of the cases heard in 2017 were related to financial issues. Those numbers could more than double under the new system.

A military service member who is notified of any security clearance violation issue would benefit greatly from the services of a knowledgeable military law attorney. They can not only assist with expediting the process but can help in obtaining a swift remedy to a financial crisis or even prove identity theft or fraud, where applicable. Wasting time attempting to fix the situation on your own can cause you to fall further back in a long backlog of cases, resulting in unnecessary wait times and stress.