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The ability of a service member to earn a living may depend on their ability to obtain a security clearance which is why understand the security clearance process is so important. Additionally, independent contractors and some civil employees may also rely on a security clearance to obtain and maintain their employment which is why it is beneficial to be familiar with the ins and outs of the security clearance process.

Security clearances may be required by different agencies and the process can include administrative law judges in the Department of Defense, for instance, or administrative panels within the Department of justice. The process may also include presenting before the CIA or State Department. Because of the complexities associated with the security clearance process, and the many parties and moving parts that may sometimes be involved, trained guidance through the process can be helpful.

Sometimes a security process can be misused or in other circumstances, there may be mental health or other barriers to overcome and hurdles to clear. A security clearance may be terminated, lapsed or denied so it is important to know how to respond in each circumstance, especially because the applicant’s ability to earn a livelihood may depend on it.

In most circumstances, it is critical to obtain and maintain a security clearance which is why options are available to help applicants with those processes it is essential they are familiar with. The security clearance process can be confusing and complicated at times but because of its importance, also vital to understand.