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There are some things divorcing military parents should know when going through the military divorce process. A military divorce can quickly grow to be complex and child custody is commonly, and understandably, a high priority concern for divorcing military couples.

The family law process is available to help divorcing couples through the child custody process which is true for divorcing military couples as well. Military child custody can be complex so it is important for divorcing couples to be familiar with the process and have trained guidance to help them sort it all out. Child custody decisions in a military setting are made using the same major determination that is considered in all child custody situations by deciding what is in the best interests of the child.

Military child custody concerns can be more complex because they must take into account the potential impact of military deployments or reassignments on the child custody agreement and also take into account that military deployments or reassignments can take place with little notice. While parental relocation requests typically require special permission, a military relocation can be treated differently.

One option to address concerns unique to military custody situations is to develop a family care plan. Military status can sometimes impact a child custody agreement in a manner that may cause concern which is another reason why it is helpful for military couples to understand the process as much as possible. Military couples do not need to experience additional stress during the child custody process which is why it is useful for them to know how to navigate it as much as possible.