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Members of the military who are divorcing can often face certain challenges which other couples may not face with regard to deployments and other concerns, but it is helpful to be as familiar as possible with how the family law process handles certain divorce-related issues. One concern that can come up in the context of child custody, in a military divorce or otherwise, is parental relocation.

Parental relocation can cause concerns for parents and children alike, and is something that the family law court is prepared to address and does not take lightly. Parental relocation requests may be handled in different ways but they are always reviewed according to what is in the best interests of the child. If the court determines that the relocation would not be in the best interests of the child, the custodial parent may be required to remain with the child within the state.

A parental relocation can be agreed to between the parents but it is important that family laws concerning parental relocation are followed so parents should be familiar with what those are. There can be notice requirements associated with a requested parental relocation as well as good faith requirements and distance considerations when evaluating a parental relocation request.

Some reasons that a parental relocation request may be granted can include an improvement to the cost of living present in the proposed new area; the parent requesting to relocate has a better employment opportunity in the new location; the move would put the child closer to family that could assist with child care responsibilities, or the parent requesting the relocation will be continuing their education. There are reasons to request a parental relocation and parents should be familiar with their options for opposing a requested relocation, as well as how the best interests of the child will be used to determine whether or not the relocation request will be granted.