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Military law can seem like a complex and confusing area of the law with big impacts on the lives of service members and others. Because of this reality, and the significant impact military law can have on many aspects of a service member’s life, it is helpful for military members to understand what military law refers to and some of the concerns it may address.

When a violation of military law has been alleged, it becomes even more important and serious for military members to understand military law and their rights throughout the process. Military law concerns military members may need assistance with can include security clearances for both military service and civil servant positions; courts-martial; discipline by a commanding officer; allegations of mistreatment by commanding officers; military and navy boards of correction; and disability claims evaluated through physical evaluation boards.

All of these issues can have a significant impact on a service member, their family, career and livelihood which is why they are important to understand. It may be necessary to be familiar with rights to defend against a courts-martial or how to challenge the denial of a security clearance which are all important processes for a military member to be familiar with.

Military law and legal resources associated with it realize how important it is to protect the rights and interests of service members which is why important protections are available throughout the process. When military members are experiencing an issue related to military law, trained guidance can be useful to help handle the challenges they face.