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Whenever couples are facing divorce, they are likely prepared for a few challenges. While a military divorce is not unlike a civilian divorce in many respects, there are some differences unique to a military divorce that the family law process can help divorcing military couples with.

This blog recently discussed the property division process during a military divorce. Other issues divorcing military couples may face include deployment-related divorce issues; international custody arrangements; child custody and alimony; division of military retirement benefits; concerns related to military pension division orders; the treatment of military health care coverage; survivor benefits and life insurance; Thrift Savings Plan contributions; basic allowance for housing (BAH) and basic allowance for subsistence (BAS); and the use of military facilities.

In a civilian divorce, child custody concerns may be complicated enough but when deployments are factored in, it can be especially challenging. Additionally, laws, and changes to those laws, related to military retirement and pensions can also add additional complexity to a military divorce. Laws that govern when a civil lawsuit can be brought against and military member also impact the military divorce process and notice requirements can be impacted by all of it.

As a result, trained guidance to help through the military divorce process can help make it as smooth as possible. The family law process can help get military couples through their divorce so they can reach settlements that are best for their family which is why it is worthwhile for divorcing military couples to be familiar with the military divorce process and how it impacts them.