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Some things about a military divorce may be the same as a non-military divorce and some things may be different. One aspect of a military divorce that may be different is child visitation and the complications out-of-state transfers and deployments can present.

Overall, the basic structure of a child custody arrangement for military parents may be similar in many respects to a child custody arrangement for non-military parents. There is generally a custody agreement that is in writing and has been approved by the family law court. There may also be different types of child custody and child visitation arrangements and, depending on the circumstances, some may be more structured than others. A structured child custody agreement may be very detailed and specific and include logistics.

If one of the parents lives out of state, the child custody arrangement may specify how vacation or holiday days will be spent or summer vacations, allowing the military parent living out-of-state an opportunity for visitation with the child. Again, the child visitation schedule may specify logistical details such as addressing the cost for travel out-of-state or other expenses. If the military parent it deployed, their visitation may be assigned to a close relative or makeup visitation hours before or after the deployment may be specified. Virtual visitation may be another option that is considered.

The family law process provides resources to military families going through the military divorce process to help them with any bumps they encounter along the road as they navigate post-divorce concerns such as child custody. It is helpful for military families and others to be familiar with what they resources are and the help they can provide with their family law challenges.