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It is important for those who have a security clearance to keep in mind the self-reporting requirements associated with their security clearance. One category of self-reporting that those holding a security clearance are expected to report on is any and all foreign travel.

It is important that those with a security clearance let their security officer know about all planned foreign travel whether it is for personal or work-related purposes. Those with a security clearance planning on leaving the country will also then receive a travel briefing. Once the traveler has returned, they will then need to provide a detailed trip report concerning their foreign travel to their facility security officer. Any foreign travel submissions should be retained to satisfy future reporting requirements.

When providing the required advance notice of the planned foreign travel, the traveler will need to provide the countries to be visited and on what dates they will be visited; the purpose of the travel; intended lodging; and the point of contact at each location, as well as the identity of individuals the traveler plans to have contact with that are not U.S. persons. Following the travel, the traveler will need to provide a list of countries traveled; mode of travel; lodging at each location; purpose of each visit; the names of individuals they contacted at each location, including addresses and phone numbers; and basic counterintelligence questions. It is helpful to be familiar beforehand with what questions to anticipate.

Because of the important requirements surrounding a security clearance, it is helpful to be aware of what they are and how to fulfill the requirements including related to foreign travel. It is also useful to know how to respond if the traveler with the security clearance encounters any problems along the way.