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Military divorce may run into certain complexities that civilian divorces do not experience. Because the divorce process is inherently stressful, it is helpful to understand what these challenges are that divorcing military couples may face and understand that the family law process provides options to help at each step along the way.

There are different resources and tools available to help divorcing military couples address their divorce and family law concerns. Alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation and arbitration, is one option to consider for a more efficient divorce process. In addition, to protect the interests of the divorcing spouses, it is necessary to be familiar with considerations such as the Service members Civil Relief Act and how it impacts military divorces.

Complexities that may arise during the military divorce process can include deployments and the impact they have on divorce; alimony, child support and child custody concerns; international custody agreements; the division of property and assets; the division of military retirement benefits and any changes to the law; modifications to military pension division orders; basic allowance for housing and basic allowance for subsistence; the use of military facilities; military healthcare coverage; thrift savings plan contributions; and survivor benefits and life insurance.

While some of these issues may also come up in a civilian divorce, they can be additionally complex during the military divorce process. Getting help understanding the military divorce process and what to expect can be beneficial for divorcing military couples seeking as smooth a divorce process as possible.