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Security clearances are extremely important in many jobs, including some military jobs. In order to view classified information, a security clearance is required. To receive a security clearance, the appropriate personnel security background investigation must be completed.

A determination for granting a security clearance is based on the personal and professional history of the individual applying for a security clearance. The individual’s background must indicate they are loyal to the United States; that they possess strength of character; are trustworthy, honest and reliable; and possess both discretion and sound judgment. They must also be free from conflicting allegiances. Lastly, they must be willing and able to abide by regulations that govern the use, handling and protection of classified information.

In some rare cases an interim security clearance may be requested. In addition, it is important to note that a security clearance is subject to a periodic re-investigation every 5 years. The livelihoods of some individuals may depend on their security clearance which is why it is important to understand the security clearance process, what a security clearance is based on and how security clearances are granted.

If security clearance issues come up, it is also important to understand how to address those. The security clearance process is an important one so for those whose jobs depend on a security clearance, it is important to be familiar with what the process is. In addition, trained guidance through the security clearance process may help applicants navigate the process more smoothly and successfully.