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There are a variety of specific and unique legal issues military members may face. Because some of the threats they face can be career-ending, it is important for military members to be familiar with their legal options and rights. As is also true when anyone has a legal concern or legal matter they need help with, it is important to understand the legal resources and options available to them. Military service members facing accusations of violating military law need to be prepared with how to respond to those allegations because the consequences can be significant.

Service members may require defense help in a court martial proceeding or help navigating the sometimes complex security clearance process. Military members may find themselves facing a variety of difficult or challenging legal issues including problems with military security clearances or civil servant security clearances; courts-martial proceedings; discipline by a commanding officer; allegations of mistreatment by commanding officers; or situations involving military and Navy boards of correction. In addition, military members may have concerns related to disability claims and physical evaluation boards.

In general, military members have enough on their already full plates not to have to also worry about complex legal issues and the concerns and stresses that may accompany them. As a result, it is important that they are familiar with options that may be available to them and may help including removing erroneous or prejudiced disciplinary actions from their military record; pursuing reconsideration by promotion boards or an upgrade of a discharge.

Because military law issues can be both complex and challenging, trained guidance through the process can be helpful for military members facing the uncertainty of legal threats or barriers related to their military career. It is important for the rights and careers of military members to be protected which may require their familiarity with the legal options available to them when facing allegations of violating military law.