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Military divorces are not unlike civilian divorces in that they involve issues and concerns such as property division; alimony or spousal support; child support; and child custody. Military couples who have made the decision to divorce likely want to know how to anticipate these issues and concerns will be resolved.

Child custody can be a contentious concern in any divorce proceeding. It is important to both protect parental rights and also ensure that the child custody determination is based on what is in the best interests of the child which is how child custody determinations are made. In addition, child support concerns must also be resolved and are based on different child support guidelines and formulas by state so it is essential to be familiar with what those are and know how to address any deviations from the guidelines.

Spousal support is another important concern and may be awarded in different circumstances for different durations. Spousal support may be temporary, rehabilitative or permanent based on a variety of factors unique to the couple and the circumstances of each of the divorcing spouses. It is helpful to understand how to make a request for spousal support during the divorce process and also how to defend against one in circumstances when the other spouse opposes it.

The family law process is designed to help guide couples through the divorce process so they can have a positive financial and familial future moving forward but life also changes following divorce. If either party experiences a significant change in circumstances following divorce, they may need to request a modification of their divorce agreement which is another important concern the family law process can help them address along with their initial divorce concerns. Divorcing couples in the military should be familiar with all the family law resources available to help them with all phases or the divorce process.