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A member of the United States military who is subject to a Virginia child support order is required to make payments under that order for the financial benefit of their child. If the service member is able to keep up with their payments in a timely manner, then they may not run into any issues regarding enforcement of the order. If, however, the service member falls behind on their payments, then they may see a non discretionary allotment taken out of their pay for the satisfaction of the delinquent child support payments.

A non discretionary allotment is an automatic deduction from a service member’s pay. When the accounting branch of the service member’s military group is made aware that the service member is not in compliance with a child support order and the accounting branch is cleared to do so, it will begin taking money out of the service member’s pay and allowance.

The amount to be deducted as the non discretionary allotment will be split between the two payments the service member receives each month. The non discretionary allotment will continue until the child support payments are fully made and no arrears exist on the matter.

When a service member receives notice that a non discretionary allotment is being taken out of their pay, it is a good idea for them to investigate the cause and rationale behind the action. Attorneys who practice military law can help service members meet the requirements of the civilian orders and obligations that financially bind them to their families all while meeting the strict standards of conduct and law imposed by their branches of service.

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