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Regardless of a person’s affiliation with the military, going through a divorce is a difficult process. Not only does a divorce force a person to become knowledgeable about an intricate area of the law, but it also imposes significant emotional pressures upon them as they work to end a relationship that they may have believed would last forever.

Virginians who wish to divorce can benefit from seeking the guidance and counsel of attorneys who make family law a focal point of their legal practices. However, service members who decide to divorce or who find themselves in the difficult position of having to respond to divorce filings from their spouses need more than just family law lawyers; they need legal representatives who know how military service may impact the rules surrounding the end of a marriage.

For example, special rules may apply to when and where a service member or their spouse may file for divorce. A service member may be subject to different notice and response expectations as they and their spouse work to end their marriage. A lawyer who knows divorce but who does not understand the special considerations that military involvement imposes on the process may not be the best advocate for their military divorce client.

Glassman & Michael, a military law firm located in Fairfax, Virginia, is proud to represent service members who have found themselves in the difficult position of ending their marriages. They are ready to work with new clients who wish to make changes to their marital statuses in the New Year and who understand that divorce as a service member may be different than it is for individuals unaffiliated with the armed forces.