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A security clearance is an important component of gaining access to careers in the military. Fairfax residents may also need to apply for and obtain security clearances if they wish to pursue careers in certain parts of the federal government. This post will provide information on reasons why a person’s security clearance application could be denied. It is not specific to military applications for security clearances and individuals with specific inquiries are encouraged to discuss their security clearance concerns with competent legal representatives.

According to the United States Department of State there are several reasons that an applicant’s security clearance will be denied. First, a denial may be based on a failure of an applicant to fully complete the requirements of the application. If an applicant does not provide comprehensive data to respond to the questions asked, their application may be denied as insufficient.

A more difficult basis for the denial of a security clearance to overcome is when an applicant’s honesty or candor is called into question through their application paperwork. If an applicant cannot be trusted to be honest or truthful in their application for a required security clearance, then their honesty and trustworthiness may not be believed in a critical military or governmental position.

The process of applying for and gaining a security clearance can be cumbersome. While the application paperwork can be completed on one’s own, it can be advisable for applicants to have their applications reviewed by attorneys who provide security clearance guidance to their clients. These attorneys can also be effective legal resources for individuals whose security clearance applications have been denied.