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It takes a special man or woman to commit to service in the armed forces. A person must be able to put others before themselves to be a member of the United States military and numerous Virginia residents answer that call each year. However, unlike civilian lines of work where people can often walk into jobs with little to no review of their histories, military careers often require applicants to submit to significant scrutiny into their pasts.

For example, it is not unusual for members of the military to have to submit to security clearances. A security clearance is a review of a person’s life and an analysis of their past conduct. If a security clearance is granted, the applicant becomes eligible to know certain levels of governmental and military information that otherwise may be unavailable to members of the civilian population.

The denial of a security clearance may therefore be a denial of a person’s chances of entering the field of military service that they desire. Making a mistake on a security clearance application or failing to abide by the rules of the security clearance process may result in an individual having their clearance application denied and their plans of a military career thwarted.

There are options, however, for men and women whose past histories may otherwise suggest that they are unfit to hold military-level security clearances. Appeals may grant them second reviews of their applications and explanations on applications may provide sufficient information for them to overcome prior problems on their records. Applicants for security clearances do not have to work through this sometimes difficult process alone, as the law firm of Glassman & Michael is available to assist military personnel and applicants with their unique legal needs.