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The life of a military family can be rewarding but also transitory. It is often required of service members to frequently relocate for new assignments or to take on more responsibilities as they ascend the ranks of their chosen branches of service. Members of the military who are currently based in Virginia may have arrived at their current posts after a number of other moves throughout the world.

Due to the frequent uprooting of their lives it can be difficult for military members to establish permanent residencies in the locations where they are sent to serve. This problem can pose challenges to individuals who need to prove residency in order to proceed through certain legal processes. For example, it is often required of individuals who wish to file for divorce that they have a minimum length of residency in the jurisdiction where they plan to file.

However, residency requirements can be softened to accommodate for the frequent moves that military service members must make. It is generally permissible for a service member to file for divorce in the jurisdiction where they are stationed or the jurisdiction where they have permanent legal residency. In some cases they may also file for divorce in the jurisdiction where their spouse resides.

It is important that military service members receive accurate counsel from attorneys who include military law in their divorce and family law firms. Ending a marriage while engaged in active service can be both stressful and complex, but with the assistance of a committed legal professional, it may be possible to avoid some of the challenges that may otherwise complicate a military divorce.