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For Virginia residents who hope to serve the country through work in one of the branches of the United States military, obtaining the proper reviews and authorizations can be an arduous process. One of the more cumbersome procedures that prospective soldiers must undergo is the security clearance review. There are multiple levels of security clearances that individuals may apply for and each level permits a person to more classified information than the level below it.

Depending upon the position a person hopes to obtain once in the military they will have to satisfy various requirements of review in order to obtain the security clearance for their job. However, if a person has any questionable information on their record or in their past that they fear may block their chances of obtaining the clearance their dreams of a career in the military may be dashed.

For example, a person may fear that past treatment for a mental health disorder may bar them from being approved for a military-based security clearance. This is not the case, although as with all security clearance reviews the facts surrounding the individual’s treatment will be considered during the process.

Additionally, an applicant for military service may be concerned that financial problems or bankruptcy proceedings may block them from obtaining the security clearance they need. As with mental health issues, reviewers will look at why the applicant needed to file for bankruptcy or seek financial help in the review of their application.

Denials of security clearances for military service and employment can be reviewed. However, it can be in an applicant’s best interests to provide the security clearance reviewers with the best application possible for their intended security clearance level. Attorneys who work in the military law field are excellent resources for those individuals who require assistance obtaining security clearances for their intended occupations.