Serving Your International Divorce Needs

PGD Law PLLC, is experienced in providing services to members of international families or United States families living in foreign countries with regard to their divorce and custody issues. The interplay of U.S. courts and laws with foreign courts and laws is often extremely complicated whether you are a foreign national, an expatriate, a member of the armed service, the diplomatic service, the CIA or you are otherwise a government employee. This firm communicates with you regularly, providing legal services to you and advice to your foreign counsel.

Resolving Your Divorce Concerns

Our family law attorneys are prepared to discuss the specific concerns in your case:

When a client comes to us for representation we evaluate their legal and jurisdictional needs to determine how best to proceed. We understand how foreign jurisdictions come into play in family law matters, and we will work with the State Department, U.S. embassies and foreign counsel in order to resolve our clients' cases more efficiently.

Challenges in International Divorce

Couples facing foreign divorce are usually in one of three situations:

  • Both are U.S. nationals, and one or both are living abroad
  • One of the spouses is a foreign national and one is a U.S. national living in the U.S. or abroad
  • Both spouses are foreign nationals living in the United States

Each set of circumstances presents different issues which require the skill and knowledge of an experienced international divorce attorney such as Stephen C. Glassman. We will address each issue as it arises, whether it concerns the valuation of complex assets or determinations regarding child custody and support.

All options will be fully explored before any strategic decisions are made in your best interests.

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