Addressing Divorce and Family Law Issues for Civilians

PGD Law PLLC, is sensitive to the legal, personal and emotional aspect of the divorce process. It is through our understanding that we are able to provide services which are designed to protect our clients, their children and the marital estate. Ours is a uniquely multi-jurisdictional family law practice serving clients in Washington, D.C., Virginia, Maryland and New York. Through local counsel or foreign counsel, we often find ourselves in cases outside of the jurisdictions where we regularly practice.

Our attorneys are well-regarded for their skills both inside and outside the courtroom. Through individualized attention and a results-oriented approach, civilians, service members and their families, government employees and foreign nationals receive the highest quality representation.

Practicing Law, Bringing Results For You and Your Family

Some years ago, PGD Law PLLC, adopted a slogan to express the nature of our firm. That slogan is "Practicing Law, Bringing Results." This phrase demonstrates in part the love of the law that is the cocoon our lawyers work in and the goal of bringing positive results to our client.

Clients facing issues of custody and divorce search for and expect aggressive and experienced advocates who will protect and advance their rights in and out of court. This firm is dedicated to that goal.

At PGD Law PLLC, we understand that each divorce is unique, which is why we work to quickly identify the key issues in your case. You may not know where to begin or if you can even get a divorce yet. We waste no time educating our clients through the divorce process and crafting a strong strategy.

Our lawyers are well-prepared litigators who understand the art of effective courtroom combat. While we have a notable history of success at trial, our lawyers understand that sometimes a better approach is a less adversarial one. We are tough negotiators and highly adept at working out settlements to avoid the cost and time associated with litigation.

Regardless of the route a case takes, our attorneys will be there for our clients at each stage of the process.

Resolving Complex Issues in Family Law

Our team is qualified to handle a variety of family law issues for civilian families, including:

  • Equitable distribution of marital assets and debts
  • Divorce matters concerning international couples
  • Issues concerning sizable assets and pensions
  • Alimony, child support and child custody
  • Mediation, arbitration and uncontested divorce
  • International divorce and custody
  • Businesses in the divorce process

Contact Our Skilled Divorce Lawyers

Whether you are considering divorce or are already deep in its throes, the law firm of PGD Law PLLC, is here as your guide. To schedule an appointment with an attorney from our firm, contact us online or call us at 703-291-0492 or 301-825-9629. Appointments are available at any of our three office locations.