Security Clearance Issues and Legal Matters

The United States government assigns a security clearance to selected personnel or companies, allowing them one of three levels of access to certain classified information, documents, facilities and locations. These classifications are 1) confidential, 2) secret and 3) top secret.

Individuals whose jobs require a security clearance to access confidential information (government employees, military employees and government contract employees, among others) may be required to go through the security clearance process, including detailed background checks. For many people, obtaining clearance is essential to earning a living.

When problems arise during the security clearance process or background check or when obtaining or maintaining a security clearance is at risk, it may be necessary to seek legal help.

Experienced Representation for Clearance Problems

Attorney Stephen C. Glassman has specific experience in security clearances and background checks, helping people address any number of problems that arise during the process. If you are an employee whose livelihood is dependent on obtaining or maintaining a security clearance and you wish to speak to an attorney who can help you address any problems, please contact the law firm of Glassman & Michael, PLLC. We have three offices in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Legal Help for Problems With Security Clearances

If your security clearance has been terminated or lapsed, you should talk to an attorney who is familiar with the process and who can help you explore options for getting your security clearance back.

Similarly, if your security clearance has been denied after a background check, talk to attorney Stephen C. Glassman about the possibility of pursuing an appeal. Mr. Glassman is a retired Navy captain with significant experience working in military legal matters. No matter what concerns you have about obtaining or protecting your security clearance, he can help.

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