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Glassman & Michael, PLLC, has developed its expertise in various fields of law the hard way: by being in the industry and then taking on legal work. Stephen Glassman was first a farm owner and then a horse breeder before running a boarding operation. Then he purchased investment-quality show horses as he sponsored his daughter through the "A"-rated show circuit. He has been a fox hunter and chairman of his fox hunt. He remains a quarter horse trader, rider and enthusiast. Because of those experiences early in his career, clients involved in the equine industry sought his services.

Our Maryland office is in the midst of horse country and has proven a national magnet for horse owners and farm operators and their equine law problems. Contact us to learn if we can assist with your issues.

Providing a Wide Range of Equine and Animal Law Services

Our attorneys provide a wide range of services related to equine law and animal law, including:

  • Equine litigation
  • Lease agreements
  • Breeding and horse contracts
  • Purchase and sale agreements
  • Partnership and syndication issues
  • Transfer of horses and horse interests
  • Trainer contracts and disputes
  • Boarders' disputes and liability
  • Veterinary malpractice
  • Equine real estate
  • Farm issues
  • Horse transportation issues
  • Insurance issues
  • Horse-related injury
  • Horse operation taxation

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