Serving Your International Divorce Needs

The lawyers of Glassman & Michael, PLLC, represent clients who face international divorce issues, including members of the armed services, government employees, diplomats, foreign citizens married to U.S. nationals and spouses of any of these individuals.

For answers to your international divorce questions, feel free to contact our lawyers to schedule a consultation today.

Resolving Your Divorce Concerns

Our Maryland, D.C. and Virginia international divorce lawyers are prepared to discuss the specific concerns in your dissolution:

  • Foreign and U.S. pension and retirement accounts
  • International property division
  • International custody disputes

A willingness to understand and study foreign jurisdictions and international family laws is necessary when representing clients in international divorce cases. When a client comes to us for representation in a particular matter, we evaluate their particular needs — legal and jurisdictional — to determine how best to proceed.

Challenges in International Divorce

Couples facing foreign divorce are usually in one of three situations:

  • Both are U.S. nationals, but one or both are living abroad.
  • One of the spouses is a foreign national and one is a U.S. national living in the states or abroad.
  • Both spouses are foreign nationals living in the United States.

Each set of circumstances presents different issues that require the skill and knowledge of an experienced international divorce attorney.

When necessary, our lawyers engage counsel in foreign countries to ensure that issues of child custody, child support and asset division are fully explored and strategic decisions are made in the best interests of our clients. Contact with the State Department or U.S. embassies is often necessary to resolve our clients' cases.

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