Handling Contract Disputes Effectively

When businesses face complex contractual disputes, they turn to Glassman & Michael, PLLC, for assertive legal representation. Our attorneys have a long history of obtaining favorable resolutions for breach of contract claims in and out of court. Serving plaintiffs and defendants, our firm focuses on efficient and cost-effective results and helps our clients maintain important business relationships.

To learn how we can get you through your contract concerns, consult with our legal team today.

Strategic Legal Representation for Contract Disputes

Our attorneys provide strategic litigation representation for disputes involving:

  • Real estate contracts
  • Construction contracts
  • Commercial property leases
  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Service and maintenance agreements
  • Purchase orders
  • Partnership contracts

Our firm has hands-on experience in international breach of contract laws. We have participated in proceedings before the International Arbitration Association, and our attorneys have helped companies successfully resolve multinational contract disputes.

Efficient Results for Breach of Contract Claims

At Glassman & Michael, PLLC, we realize that a company can risk significant financial and collateral damage when a contract is breached. Likewise, we understand that false allegations of a breached contract can greatly diminish the reputation of a business. Our attorneys seek to protect our clients by taking swift and determined legal action. We have had great success settling contract disputes before they turn into monumental litigation; however, we are always prepared to litigate if it is in our clients' best interest.

Our Lawyers Resolve Contract Disputes

Reach out to us at 703-291-0492 or 301-825-9629 to schedule an appointment at any of our three offices in Virginia, Maryland or Washington, D.C. Our lawyers will lay out your options for moving past your contract disputes.

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